psychotherapy - adults
sessions with clients aged 18+ are focussed on the person-centred approach to psychological and therapeutic change.  as a person-centred practitioner, i offer a space wherein there is no judgement or expectations, where you are held to be the expert in your life (not me!) and that, through our sessions together, you may find the answers, the way forward, the clarity, the space that you need at this moment in your life

psychotherapy - children
sessions with clients aged under 18 are tailored to the needs of the child.  i offer person-centred talking therapy, drawing and talking therapy, sandtray therapy and play therapy.  depending on each client, i will offer what the child responds to within my practice; it can often be a mix of all that i offer

psychotherapy - face-to-face
i offer face-to-face therapy for both adults and children.  the sessions take place in my aberdeen city centre offices.  the rooms are sanitised and ventilated after each use and there is sufficient space to maintain 2meter social distancing at all times.
each session can last for 50 minutes
if you are accompanying your child to their session, you are welcome to wait in the waiting room until the end of the session or visit one of the many coffee houses / shops in the area
payment can be made by cash or card at the end of our session

psychotherapy - online
i offer online therapy for adults and children aged 13+.  the sessions take place via skype (or any other platform that you are comfortable with).  i will connect to the session from a secure, confidential and quiet space and encourage you to do the same.  
each session can last for 50 minutes
having an online session might feel different to what a face-to-face session, but in my experience both have the same high potential for therapeutic change.  it is very likely that you will quickly forget the fact that we are online at all
payment for the session can be by postal cheque or bank transfer after our session.  bank details will be sent to you prior to our session starting

counselling / psychotherapy agreement
prior to starting our sessions, you will receive a copy of my counselling / psychotherapy agreement.  this simply lays out both my responsibilities to you, as your therapist, and yours to me, as my client.  this agreement creates the safe space that we both enter into in the search for what you need at this time in your life

"the journey of a thousand miles
begins with one step"