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What to Expect

A First Meeting

A first appointment will be arranged where we can meet each other and go over the reasons for seeking out support for your child. I will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire which looks into your child’s behaviour and will help focus on the areas of difficulty they are experiencing. I will explain the therapy that I offer and answer any questions you might have.

Weekly Sessions

Moving on, we will arrange our next meeting time.

What The Sessions Involve

We will meet in my practice which has a comfortable waiting room where you can stay during the session if you wish. Your child and I will go to the adjoining room and our session will begin. Our session will last for 50 minutes.


Periodically throughout the course of our sessions, we will review your child’s progress and how everyone is feeling regarding the counselling. It is important that we know and understand the counselling needs and these can and do change over time.


Drawing and Talking sessions normally continue for 12 meetings. This allows for the full expression of the three stages of therapeutic movement. This of course can be different for every child and an ending will be planned together and offered carefully when the time is right to.