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What to Expect

A First Meeting

A first appointment will be arranged where we can meet each other, I will explain the type of therapy I offer, answer any questions you might have and then we can begin to explore your reasons for seeking out counselling.

Weekly Sessions

Moving on, we will arrange our next meeting time.

What The Sessions Involve

We will meet in my practice where you will be invited to share you thoughts, feelings, experiences and together we will explore them gently. Our session will last for 50 minutes.

Everything you bring to the counselling room is treated in the strictest confidence and all records and notes that I may keep are kept anonymous. Trust is an essential part of the counselling process.


Periodically throughout the course of our sessions, we will review your progress and how you’re feeling regarding the counselling. It is important that we both know and understand the counselling needs and these can and do change over time.


Our sessions will come to end when you feel it is time to. We will come to an end mutually and carefully, respecting the work and progress that you have made and with your sense of being able to step into your future.